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You probably found this page because you’re looking for the trusted saltwater pool contractors in Plano, TX. Well, you will be delighted to know that the team from Plano Pool Guys is equipped and experienced in designing and building saltwater pool systems. We understand that not all customers prefer chlorine-based pools. Who doesn’t like dreaming about stepping into their backyards and right into the tropics?

A saltwater pool system installation is consistently one of the popular options in Plano, TX. Over the years, residents have come to know the various benefits that it can bring. What’s more, if you hire Plano Pool Guys to build the pool for you, you can enjoy other advantages that will elevate your swimming pool experience. We can install cartridge filters that can spare you from excessive water wastage. Before, automated dosing was only available for chlorine pools. Now, you can ask us to install one for your pool and make maintenance easier.

Stunning Yet Highly Practical and Functional Saltwater Pool Designs

Because salt water swimming pools require less sanitation work and less chlorine, they have become a popular option among residents in Plano, Texas. You can turn to Plano Pool Guys and trust our team to build your custom pool with a chlorine generator. The system will be designed to use regular salt to produce sanitizing chlorine for your pool. What’s more, it will recycle the water continually, ensuring that it stays safe for you to swim in.

We use premium-quality materials to ensure that your pool won’t corrode because of the salt in it. You can choose from a wide variety of designs which include different sizes, shapes, and other customization options. Our team always uses their expertise in turning Plano residents’ dream pool into a reality.

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How is a Saltwater Pool Different from a Regular Chlorinated Pool?

You may wonder how saltwater pools are different from regular chlorinated ones. Well, one of the primary differences is how the two structures are built and cleaned. Chlorine systems need consistent chemical treatments, using tablets or sticks. On the other hand, saltwater systems generate their own chlorine at a more tempered pace.

Meanwhile, saltwater pools typically have systems that use electrolysis to turn salt into a sanitizing agent. Even so, you don’t have to worry about the salinity levels in your pool. In general, the average saltwater pool contains only about a tenth of what’s present in ocean water.

We think this really is a no brainer. Less chemicals and still able to sanitize at an appropriate level. Why not? Go ahead and give us a call today to get your customized saltwater pool system started!

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Why Choose a Saltwater Pool?

There are several reasons why homeowners would want to build a saltwater pool system instead of a traditional one. It is true that this type of pool still contains some chlorine. However, the concentration is much lower. As such, swimming in it won’t dry out the skin the same way as a pool with high levels of chlorine could. Some people even claim that it can improve the skin’s condition because of its exfoliating quality.

The skin benefits of saltwater are not strictly topical. Doctors claim that salt has detoxifying and relaxing benefits. What’s more, it sterilizes the skin, acting as a protective agent against elements that may cause acne. That said, if you notice your fingers getting prune-y, it’s likely that you’ve overstayed in the water. So, don’t forget your skin care routine and use moisturizers once you’ve gone out of the pool!

It’s also worth noting that saltwater pools won’t require you to rigorously maintain and monitor chlorine levels. What’s great about their system is the chlorine levels are regulated by the generator. As such, you can lower your reliance on chemicals, which in turn would save you money.

One of the reasons that deter homeowners from having a saltwater pool is the corrosive quality of the substance. Well, that won’t be a problem when you hire Plano Pool Guys. Because of the materials we use to build our pools, saltwater is unable to corrode the structure. We also give our customers that option to upgrade to marine-grade stainless steel fittings to increase the durability of the pool.

As a reputable custom pool contractor in Plano, we have collected a long list of satisfied clients. When you hire us to build your saltwater pool, you can expect nothing less than the best. We take pride in providing professional service and quality craftsmanship at reasonable rates.

If you want to have a beautiful saltwater pool, contact Plano Pool Guys now!

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