Swimming Pool Cleaning in Plano

Swimming pools can be an excellent addition to your property and a great source of investment. However, it can also pose a few safety concerns if properly managed. 

If you want your swimming pool to be sparkling clean, beautiful, safe, healthy, and last longer, you must perform regular pool cleaning and maintenance services. Failure to do that can mean more than just a dirty pool. It could lead to serious health concerns. And at the same time, balancing your swimming pool chemicals incorrectly can result in injury. A prompt and consistent pool care will ensure that you always have clean and safe water in your pool. 

The aim of a pool cleaning service is convenience. Why not contact us today to handle the cleaning for you. Plano Pool Guys provide top-quality pool cleaning services to keep your pool at its best. We ensure that bacteria and germs – whether introduced by foliage, pets, people, or other natural conditions around the pool are properly destroyed, leaving your pool healthy and sparkling clean. You could choose our daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly professional pool cleaning services.  

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Without proper weekly pool maintenance, your pool water can end up being corrosive, thereby damaging the rest of your pool and any equipment inside the pool. Having weekly pool maintenance can save you from any unnecessary spending and also put your mind at ease knowing that your pool is in perfect condition. Furthermore, regular weekly pool maintenance will make your monthly pool maintenance a much easier task. How we handle our pool cleaning services at Plano Pool Guys, our pool maintenance services are extensive and are tailored to suit individual pool needs. They include:

  • Checking pool walls and surfaces
  • Checking the filter for possible filter changes
  • Shock treatment
  • Checking water level
  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool
  • Checking chemical balance/pH levels
  • Sanitizing your pool with chlorine
  • Skimming the pool surface of any dirt and leave foliage
  • Checking the circulation of your water

​I understand you are here because you’d rather let an expert handle all the dirty works for you. So why wait? Contact Plano Pool Guys today for all your regular pool cleaning needs.

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Specialized Pool Cleaning Service

A swimming pool is huge investment, and you must perform regular maintenance to keep it functional. Ideally, you should ask yourself, “Is there a reliable pool cleaning service near me?” Well, the expert team from Plano Pool Guys is here to take care of your filtration and cleaning systems. Aside from providing pool maintenance services, we also offer deep cleaning. We can completely rid your pool of dirt, debris, bacteria growth, and grime.


When you need swimming pool cleaning in Plano, TX, you should only place your trust in the experts. We’re equipped and ready to make your pool spick and span. When you hire us, you can expect us to provide high quality service.


We use a high-pressure water spray to blast the grime off a pool’s tiles. Doing so allows us to get rid of the most stubborn dirt and stains that may have taken hold on the grout and the deck. Once we’re done, the surface of your pool will be spotless.


Some swimming pools have surfaces that are not suitable for power washing. For instance, if the surrounding area has natural stone tiles, the material may be too delicate. In instances like this, we offer gentle alternatives that can still eliminate mold, algae, and bacteria.


You should also pay attention to your gutters when you want to keep your pool clean. If you neglect them, your pool will eventually flood your backyard. When you hire Plano Pool Guys, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll reach deep into the guttering. Our professional team will ensure that it is clog-free and clean.

The Importance of Pool Cleaning

If you want to avoid costly repairs, you need to keep your swimming pool clean. Doing so will not only provide the comfort and enjoyment of the people using it, it also protects the equipment, prolongs the life of the structure, and prevent bacteria growth. It’s essential to hire the trusted pool cleaners in Plano, TX to brush your pool and maintain its filtration system regularly.

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Hire the Trusted Pool Cleaners in Plano

As the days get hotter and hotter, nothing beats relaxing in your sparkling swimming pool. Having a pool you can use privately is truly a lifesaver during the scorching summer months. What’s more, it can add considerable value to your home once you decide to put it to the market.

Cleaning your pool can be tiresome, time-consuming, and daunting. That said, you don’t have to spend hours brushing it on your own. You can always get professional help from Plano Pool Guys. Our team is widely experienced and fully equipped in maintaining and cleaning swimming pools. You can even take advantage of our specialized pool cleaning service and expect us to go deep into your pool. We won’t cut corners in removing algae, bacteria, and debris that may have escaped through your filters.

Don’t risk the health and safety of your family. Contact Plano Pool Guys today for a thorough clean of your swimming pool!