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A leaking pool can quickly spoil your summer fun! So, at the first signs of damages, get the swimming pool repair services Plano, TX residents always rely on. Aside from designing and building stunning water structures, Plano Pool Guys also offer inspections, maintenance services, and repairs. Whether you notice the heating system not working efficiently or if your pool has developed a leak, our specialists will take care of the issues promptly.

With years of experience as swimming pool contractors in Plano, Texas, we are the experts you can trust. We’ve established our standing as the leading pool specialists in the area based on our quality solutions, expert advice, and professional services. Whether you need to build a new pool or you need repairs for your existing water structure, contact Plano Pool Guys today to get a competitive quote.

Why It’s Important to Have Pool Damages Inspected Immediately

As soon as you notice the early signs of damages, you should start looking for trusted swimming pool repair companies in Plano, TX. When you ignore these damages, they may cause increased levels of algae and bacteria growth.

Moreover, they can result in safety issues that may eventually lead to flooding. Most of the time, you won’t have to fork out a huge amount to fix minor problems. However, if you neglect these small damages, they can turn into serious and costly issues.

There are thousands of liters of water in your pool which may cause damages to your home and even affect your neighbor. Keep in mind that small leaks can quickly grow. What’s more, damages to the pool pumps, lights, and automatic cleaners can put you and your loved ones at risk of electrocution.

So, to keep your pool functional and safe, contact us for swimming pool repair services in Plano, TX.

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Our Comprehensive Swimming Pool Repair Services in Plano, TX

At the early signs of damages around your pool and pool equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Plano Pool Guys. We offer a cover a wide range of swimming pool issues, including the following:

Leaking Pool

Inefficient Heater

Pump and filter problems

Cracks and other common wear and tear damages

Pool surround and tiling repairs and replacement

Pool replacement accessories

How Do You Know if Your Pool Is Leaking?

The key to avoiding costly repairs is to detect pool leaks at their early stages. So, it’s important that you know how to identify the signs. One of the indications of a leak is a dramatic drop in the water level. However, before you panic and attribute this sign to a leak, you must understand what regular water loss is.

Usually, these are the factors that contribute to normal water loss:

Evaporation – Water loss can occur due to evaporation. Environmental changes in temperature and wind can also keep your pool’s water level down.

Splash out – Regular swimming pool use can also contribute to water loss. Now, if more people use the pool on a daily basis, water loss can be higher than the usual.

Now, There Are Common Signs That Will Indicate That Your Pool Has A Leak. Here Are Some Of Them:

You’re Adding More Water Than The Usual

You should compare the amount of water level to the amount you lose due to evaporation. Now, if you notice that you’re losing more water than the usual, then you should contact us for inspections.


You should watch out for structural damages or cracks around and in the pool area. These include loose tiles, missing grout, and cracked cement decking.

Sinking Or Lifting Pool Deck

You’re adding more chemicals than the usual – Excess water loss can also cause you to replace chemicals more than the usual.

As such, you need to have this problem investigated immediately.

Soggy Spots Around The Pool

If the grass around the pool area seem mushy even when the sun’s up, then it’s a sign that there may be an underground plumbing issue or a pool leak.

Losing Prime When The Circulation System Is Off

This is an indication of leaks in your pool’s plumbing system. It’s worth noting that pumps shouldn’t run dry for a long time.

Otherwise, you may end up dealing with expensive damages.

Hire the Trusted Pool Repair Company in Plano, Texas

A swimming pool is a serious investment for your home. Naturally, when issues arise, you’d ask yourself, “Is there a trusted contractor offering pool repair near me?”

Well, you will be delighted to know that Plano Pool Guys are composed of educated and trained specialists who knows how to prolong the life of water structures. Trust that we’ll identify issues at their early stages to prevent them from growing into costly damages.

When you need pool repairs in Plano TX, contact Plano Pool Guys right away!