Top Notch Pool Remodeling and Resurfacing in Plano, TX

Here at Plano Pool Guys, we specialize in providing pool remodeling that Plano, TX residents will love. We understand that any type of water structure is a huge investment. Moreover, replacing an old pool may break your bank. As such, we recommend remodeling your pool as the budget-friendly alternative. You can give your pool a brand-new look without spending too much.

We provide various types of pool renovations in Plano, TX, and it’s worth noting that the service can take many forms. For instance, you can hire us for paving work, pool resurfacing, surface repainting, tile replacement, and a complete redesign. Whatever you want or need for your swimming pool, you can trust the expertise and professionalism of Plano Pool Guys.

As one of the trusted pool remodelers in Plano, TX, we always strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. When you hire us, we’ll assess the current state of your pool and discuss how we can improve it. Doing so allows us to determine the right work that will ensure a result that you’ll be proud and happy with. We treat every project as if it were our own.

Premium Swimming Pool Resurfacing and Repair in Plano, Texas

Have you moved to a new property with a neglected pool? Perhaps, because of your busy schedule, you’ve fallen behind with maintenance. Whatever the case may be, Plano Pool Guys will help you transform the look of your pool and bring back its functionality.

From swimming pool renovations to resurfacing, we are the experts in making water structures look and work as good as new. Once we’re done with the project, you will have a pool that your family and guests can enjoy for many years to come. With proper maintenance, you won’t need such large work done again for a while.

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What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Swimming Pool Remodeling?

When you hire the expert and professional team of Plano Pool Guys, you can rest easy knowing that we won’t cut corners just to finish the pool renovation. For every remodeling project, we pump out the water, blast and get rid of old tiles, and resurface the deck from scratch, using your preferred epoxy. We also perform full equipment replacement which involves installing lighting systems, new filters, and automatic pool cleaners, among many others.

When it comes to the quality of work, you will get the best value for your money when you hire Plano Pool Guys. What’s more, there are long-term benefits when you renovate your pool. Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth investing in a remodeling project:

Save Money in the Long Run with a Pool Remodel

As with any possession you own, deferring pool maintenance will eventually lead to bigger consequences and expenses down the road. If worse comes to worst, your only option may be to demolish the entire pool and rebuild it from scratch. Of course, this scenario will put a dent in your savings account.

When you hire Plano Pool Guys, our team will resurface your pool’s existing structure. We’re not going to rebuild your pool—we’re simply breathing new life to it. Of course, our services will help prolong the life of the structure.

Have a Fully Functional Renovated Pool

Pool remodeling does not solely bring aesthetic benefits—it also keeps the water structure functional. By ensuring that you have fully working lights, filters, and other pool equipment, you can save money on chemicals, water, and electricity.

Have a Stunning and Envied Pool

When you delay a swimming pool renovation, eventually, the water structure will become less appealing and less functional. Without any resurfacing work or other improvements, pools will start to show blisters, cracks, holes, or tears on the surface.

Moreover, you will have to deal with mold and algae growth, concentrated around the grout and the damages of the concrete. It’s also worth noting that concrete pools become abrasive over time. The result won’t be unwelcoming—something that looks straight out of a horror movie.

When you invest in a pool remodeling project in Plano, Texas, you will keep your pool looking stunning. If you plan to sell your property in the future, you’ll have that extra “wow” factor that will impress potential buyers.

Hire the Expert Pool Remodelers in Plano, TX

As a reputable pool contractor in Plano, Texas, we have collected a long list of satisfied clients. We take pride in providing quality craftsmanship and professional service. As fully licensed pool specialists, we can identify all the issues present in your pool and address them accordingly. Once we’re done, you will have a brand-new looking pool that truly reflects your lifestyle and taste.

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