Pool Services in Plano

If it is about your pool, you can trust the expertise of Plano Pool Guys. From pool liner replacement, leak detection to fixing automatic chlorinators, we are always around the corner to assist you. Whether it is a minor issue that requires valve replacement or skimmer repair or a major issue like leaks, do not hesitate to contact us.

Acid Wash

Stains from organic matter can make your pool look dirty and unhygienic even when it is not. Regardless of the level of cleanliness of your pool, you will need to perform a good acid wash occasionally. It is a highly effective treatment that eliminates stains on Tiles and plaster as well as wipe off algae growth. Warning!!! Acid wash should not be performed very often as it can ultimately cause undue wear of your tiles and will increase the duration between re-tiling. Plano Pool Guys carry out pool acid washing as part of their services. We have skilled pool cleaners who understand how to properly clean and maintain the right chlorine levels in your residential and commercial pool. We are licensed and can assure you that your pool finish will be whiter and brighter.

Pool Liner Replacement

Generally, most issues with pool liner are caused by either a leak or when the liner bead is out of its place. If left unattended, it could result in more significant damage. Regardless of the issue with your pool liner, Plano Pool Guys are professional and will source for any leak and repair, or reset the liner bead for optimum functionality. If your liner is old and has been repaired several times, you can consider a complete replacement.

Equipment Upgrade, Maintenance or Repair

Your pool equipment needs to be working in top condition. Having non-functional equipment can put a lot of pressure on other functional parts. For instance, an inefficient pool pump accounts for about 20% of your total annual energy usage. If your pool pump, filter system, or any other equipment is outdated and becomes costly to repair, you may consider an equipment upgrade. Plano Pool Guys can maintain, repair, replace, or upgrade your equipment and ensure they are properly installed for your pool. We can also perform a full equipment upgrade to the manufacturer of your choice. For any pool equipment upgrade needs, feel free to contact us today, and we will be glad to help. See below for more services we offer:

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Pool Drain

Let Plano Pool Guys take care of your swimming pool drain to avoid any damage that hurts. Regular draining of your pool water is a part of maintenance practice to get rid of water that is loaded with excess minerals. You can choose from our extensive range of pool draining services, including pool draining, draining, and cleaning with/without a spa, etc.

Pool Repairs

Do you have a pool in Plano, TX, and its surrounding areas? Our pool repair service can help you maintain and keep your pool looking attractive. We understand that pool maintenance and care is a big job, so we will handle your pool repairs with the highest level of experience and professionalism. When next you noticed that your pool needs some care, do not hesitate to reach out to book a no-obligation and timely pool repair services.

Leak Detection

It is a normal thing if the level of water in your pool reduces. But if you regularly find yourself topping the pool with over three inches of water daily, your swimming pool may be having an undetected leak. Besides water loss, you can experience an increase in your water bill, and some equipment may become non-functional. As a professional pool leak detector, we will help you determine the state of your swimming pool. We will find out any leak any provide necessary lead repairs.

Pool Restoration

Subject to prolong usage, aging, changes in weather, etc., your pool walls can eventually look discolored and stained, which generally affects the appearance of your pool. But when you want your pool to be as new again without spending lots of money on costly re-plastering, you can take advantage of our pool Restoration Services.

Plano Pool Guys will examine if your pool plastering is still in good condition and only needs cleaning with a pool acid wash. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will work with you to get the best solution for your pool needs. The investment in your pool should be maintained at all costs, call us on now for questions or schedule an appointment.

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