Pool Filter Repair and Cleaning Service

The swimming pool filtration system is the hardest working equipment piece of your pool. It works 24/7 and is responsible for removing debris/impurities so you can enjoy a clean, clear, and healthy water environment. A malfunctioning pool filter will produce cloudy water; there will be poor water flow, and there could be white powder all over the bottom of your pool. When that happens, you probably need filter repair or pool filter cleaning.

Whether you keep your swimming pool open all year round or you shut it down during the colder months, a clean and correctly working filter can be the key to having a clean pool. Hence, it must be serviced regularly. A regular filter cleaning and repair will:​

  • Reduce stress on your pool internal equipment
  • Increase energy efficiency and lower your electrical bill
  • Extend the life of your pool filter pump motor and filtration system and above all,
  • Ensure that your filter functions at its best.

Plano Pool Guys can expertly handle any pool filter cleaning and repair in Plano and its surrounding areas. We have been providing high quality, professional pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for decades, and we will be glad to bring your pool to its perfect state quickly and efficiently. Schedule your next seasonal pool filter cleaning and repairs today.

Processes Involved in our Filter Cleaning and Repair

  • A full disassemble of the cartridges and filter internals.
  • Clean the internals and the inner part of the tank
  • Removal of any calcium buildup on the cartridges
  • Check manifold or grids for any breaks, holes or signs of heavy wear and tear, and replacing as needed
  • Lubricate the entire inner o-rings
  • Reseal the tank
  • Check for proper filtration

Note that an additional cost may apply if there is a need to replace some parts.

Filter Replacement Services

As your filter ages, the duration between regular cleanings becomes shorter, and your filter may need some repairs or replacement to maintain the water cleanliness and to prevent the water from turning green faster.​

Your pool filter systems should be serviced at least twice a year, but we recommend that you replace your filter cartridges every three years. Never waste your leisure time sweating over tedious tasks like replacing your pool filter systems when you can take advantage of our professional pool cleaning and maintenance.​If you think your swimming pool filtration system is due for cleaning and maintenance or you have not had it cleaned since last year, please schedule an appointment with us today. Our team of experienced staff can inspect and maintain your pool filter system upon request. Contact Plano Pool Guys today to schedule an appointment.

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